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FitBark: A dog fitness tracker

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Humans are not the only ones who can keep track of their health via a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or smartphone. Now, pet owners can keep track of their four-legged friend's health via FitBark.

FitBark is a dog activity and sleep monitor that works much the same way as a FitBit does for humans. The device is able to collect data on a dog's physical activity and rest levels all day long.

According to FitBark, the device is suitable for dogs of any size and comes in the shape of a tiny stylish dog-bone that can easily be placed on a dog's collar.

FitBark is able to sync and collect data with a mobile app that is available for iOS and Android.

Much like a Fitbit, the bone-shaped device can track a dog's fitness and compare their data with other similar dogs.

"My wife and I are pretty pretty serious about our dog's health. We try and take care of our health. It's an important responsibility to make sure you are maintaining you dog's health," said dog owner, Jon Osterhout.

FitBark founder and CEO, Davide Rossi, said FitBark is more about long-term health. Rossi said dog owners are able check their pet's sleep patterns and wellness from previous weeks - or during times when pets and owners spend time apart.

"This is really about going out and starting to map all the breeds and all the types of dogs out there - looking what health looks like and starting to understand where your dog places within that context," said Rossi.

The data collected via the FitBark app can also be shared with a pet's veterinarian.

According to local veterinarian, Dr. Craig Dixon, with dog obesity becoming prevalent devices like FitBark are becoming useful.

"It will even give you a hint that your dog is not active compared to what they normally are in the event that they are sick - early signs of illness," said Dr. Dixon.

You can also sync your Fitbit with the Fitbark. 

Dozens of research companies are studying the Fitbark to study dog health.

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