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Border wall prototypes to be built in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The federal government is now taking bids for President Trump's border wall. And Monday we learned that the prototypes submitted by companies will be built right here in San Diego. 
Recently, federal officials published two official requests for border wall bids. The 132-page document details the requirements any bid must meet.  
It says the wall must be: physically imposing in height - at least 18 feet tall, prevent tunneling at least 6 feet underground, include anti-climbing features, and it needs to be aesthetically pleasing.  
So what could a wall like this look like?  

CNN recently consulted a panel of experts made up of civil engineers, architects and academics. They said a base will be key and will need to go deep enough into the ground to provide a solid base, and help prevent tunneling.  

As for the materials, several were brought up. The first was cinder blocks. They are strong, secure, and easy to get. But, laying down all those bricks would be way to labor intensive. The experts said that option is out.  

Another option is poured concrete. But experts say the problem with that is when you pour concrete in warmer climates, where the border wall will be going, the concrete might not dry properly, which could make the wall weaker. 

The experts who CNN consulted said the best option would be pre-casted cement wall panels, lined side-by-side about 20 feet high, and 5 feet below ground. Each panel would be 10 feet wide and 8 inches thick. Since the wall would need to stretch 2,000 miles, it would require 339 million cubic feet of concrete. Those panels would also need reinforced steel: 5 billion pounds of it.  
It is still unclear what a border wall will look like, but you can expect to see ideas like the aforementioned one, as well as some much more interesting ones. 


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