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The Nightime Zoo summertime tradition returns

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) Is it a bear? Is it a cat? - no it's a binturong. 

And apparently the creature smells like popcorn!  

Rick Schwartz, an ambassador at the San Diego Zoo stopped by News 8 to showcase more about the binturong and a summertime favorite: Nighttime Zoo. 

Nighttime Zoo begins June 18 and runs through Sept. 4. The Nighttime Zoo activities and attractions - included with Zoo admission/membership - will include music, acrobatic performances, stilt walkers and more.  

Nighttime Zoo activities get started at 4 p.m. Zoo closing times vary over the summer. Check for details.  

And if you're interested in New 8's special guest. Here are some fun facts about the binturong:  

  • The binturong – a member of the civet family - is found in the dense rainforests in the islands of Indonesia.  
  • Its rear feet have the ability to rotate 180 degrees to allow the animal to climb head first down trees.  
  • Its musky odor resembles the smell of popcorn.  
  • The binturong is also known as a "bear cat" because its facial features resemble a cat but its thick black fur and round body resemble a bear. 
  • Binturongs climb trees and leap from branch to branch using its tail and claws to hang on with while it looks for food. They are primarily nocturnal creatures that sleep in tree branches during the day and look for food at night. 
  • Binturongs make lots of noises to communicate with each other, they will make a chuckling sound if they are happy and will let out a high pitched wail if they are unhappy. Some of the other sounds that they make are hisses, growls and grunts. 
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