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Move to make video gaming an Olympic sport

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(NEWS 8) — We typically don't think of video gamers as athletes but around the world people are starting to talk of gaming as a sport. 

With a growing fan base, there's even talk of making video gaming an Olympic event.  

In a darkened stadium, thousands of video gamers took part in England's largest gaming festival, "Insomnia." 

24-hour gaming sessions are billed as "e-sports." 

But are gamers really athletes? 

"It's such a mental thing that more time in the scene, more time in the game it just bolsters your strength, so it honestly takes a lot of practice, a lot of dedication, you have to always be open to learning and always look to improve," said a gaming team captain Daniel Harrison.  

Gamers take their electronic sports just as seriously as traditional athletes, thus the talk of making an Olympic sport.  

"We've seen a number of sports being recognized for, not just physical activity, but the prowess of reaction speed," said gamer Craig Wood. "So we're very hopeful that it might be accepted in the future."  

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the Olympics, is that e-sports covers such a wide spectrum of gaming genres. 

"As for e-sports in the Olympics, I don't really know how that would fit in," said gamer Grant Vincent. "It's so difficult to define e-sports as one game, that's the main problem in my eyes, because there's so many different genres and so many different skills you can test."  

Gamers can compete individually or as teams, so the rules of an Olympic sport would still have to be worked out. 

"Whether it actually makes it into the Olympics, I'm not that bothered. I don't think it's a sport," said gamer Kieran Holmes-Darby. "It would be great for the industry, of course it would." 

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