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Customers learn Cox Cable is now limiting data

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Cox Cable says a change will affect less than two percent of its customers, but one Poway man says the move is going to cost him, so he contacted News 8. 

Daniel Lipsky isn't happy about the new limits Cox Communications is placing on his home data usage over WiFi. 

He recently received a letter warning him that his past usage exceeded the new 1 terabyte per month allowance and if that happens when the changes are enforced, he will have to pay up.  

"When I opened it up I was quite shocked," said Lipsky. "Had I been charged for the overage, it would have been an extra $60 a month."  

But a Cox spokesperson tells News 8 Lipsky is just one of a small group of people who will be affected by the change.  

"This will only impact 1.6 percent of our San Diego internet customers," said Cox spokesperson Ceanne Guerra. 

Cox says it is trying to stay ahead of the demand as it prepares for a surge in usage.  

"Today, the average home has six connected devices, by 2022, it's expected that the average home will have up to 50 connected devices," said Guerra. 

Cox says, with one terabyte a month, customers can:  

  • Watch 140 two-hour HD movies 
  • Watch 100 half-hour standard definition tv shows 
  • Watch 1,500 three-minute videos 
  • Surf the web for 2,000 hours 
  • And listen to 500 hours of streaming music 

But Lipsky and his wife, who have two kids, don't consider themselves high users of data.  

"I don't consider us power users," said Lipsky. "We don't have any businesses we run from home. The kids play games online, a couple hours a day. We watch Netflix shows." 

And so, Lipsky has a warning of his own: 

"I'd want to tell all the Cox customers to be careful," he said.  

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