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Escondido residents fed up with ringing car alarms

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ESCONDIDO (NEWS 8) – Residents in Escondido on Tuesday sounded off on car alarms that have been going off at all hours of the day.

Residents said they have not been able to sleep as horns blare through the night, but now Escondido police have stepped in and it could bring some  consequences to car owners.

The sound of car alarms going off is like nails on a chalk board to Cathy Allen.

“We get up the next morning and we are both exhausted, and my son said 'I cannot do this anymore. We have to figure out a solution.'”

Cathy said her and her family have dealt with the problem of car alarms going off at all hours of the night for six months.

“A lot of the new cars are very sensitive to movement. You will hear a speeding car swoosh by and it will set the car off,” she said.

Cathy said she is losing sleep and patience. She went online and posted about her problem on Facebook to see if anyone knew of any way to end the barrage of horns at night.

Her post caught the attention of the City of Escondido. Car alarms can be a noise ordinance violation.

If police are called, they can try and silence the horns with two solutions: 1) they will try to find and contact the owner to shut off the alarm, or 2) they will tow the car away.

Escondido police said a car’s owner needs to be at their car in twenty minutes or less to turn off the alarm to avoid being towed away.

Police said they will run a license plate in an effort to contact the owner.

Cathy said she and her son last heard the alarms Monday night.

According to the San Diego County ordinance book, law enforcement can intervene if an alarm goes off longer than 15 minutes and the cause is not a break-in or theft.

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