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One gem of a holiday story for a woman leaving San Diego

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — There was an early Christmas miracle for a woman who lost a prized family heirloom right before leaving San Diego.  

Lynn Fox is feeling extra appreciative this holiday season. 

Two weeks ago, she and her boyfriend parked in a lot near San Diego's Lindberg Field when she lost one of her most prized possessions. 

"I was sitting in the car and I was putting lotion on my hands and put my ring in my lap and opened the door to leave and the ring must have fell out of the car," Lynn said.  

The ring - a jade surrounded by diamonds - belonged to her late grandmother. 

"My mother had this ring specially made for my grandmother, so when she passed this is the one heirloom she gave me," said Lynn.  

By the time Lynn realized what had happened she and her boyfriend were already on a shuttle. 

They called a lot attendant, but were told no ring had been found 

With little time before their scheduled American Airlines flight, Lynn decided to ask for help from two harbor officers standing outside security.      

"I approached one of them and said 'is there any possible way you can help me with this dilemma I have?'" she said.  

Corporal Kei Morris took down Lynn's information and headed out. 

Turns out, the ring had been turned in. 

Kei called Lynn with the good news, but the plane had just left the gate. 

That's when Lynn approached a flight attendant. 

"They told the story to the pilot and the pilot came out and said 'I need clearance from the towers,'" Lynn said.  

Minutes later, the plane doors opened. 

"American Airlines was great," said Kei "They agreed to bring the jetway back so we could hand off the ring." 

"[I was] just melting and crying like I couldn't imagine going out of their way [and] making it on the 11th hour," said Lynn.  

The other passengers applauded. 

As for Lynn, she's applauding the officers and everyone else who helped that day, saying their efforts are nothing short of valiant. 

"It just couldn't be a better feel-good Christmas story," said Lynn.  

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