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You Can Hack it: Tricks from

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Moms around the world might agree that any tips to make life's challenges a little bit easier are welcomed. began as a conversation among a group of moms who wanted a parenting community where they weren't treated like perfect parent-bots.

That's how they came up with the name -- a place for you as a mom, and you as a woman, too.

They launched on Mother's Day 2012, a smartly designed destination made by moms for moms. It's put together by a hard-working team of parents who have kids in most every stage of life. is committed to creating a supportive community, and highlighting the joy and humor in parenting.

Visiting Morning Extra is Jen Garcia Allen with some advice and support for moms when things get tough.

Here are a few tips from

1. Keep plastic wrap in the fridge to prevent it from self-clinging.

2. Deodorant removal: use dryer sheets to remove deodorant from clothing.

3. Black Out Shades on the go - travel with aluminum foil and tap to easily create your own blackout shades. Parenting lifesaver!

4. Easy mosquito and bug repellent: keep a cinnamon sticks near your bed to keep mosquitoes away.

5. Baby Powder to remove sand of kids feet after the beach before getting into the car! Keep it on you at all times. Bonus hacks are that if sprinkled into cracks of hardwood floors, it prevents creaking. Also, sprinkle in shoes to help them go on more easily.

6. This is THE BEST way to give medicine to a baby. Using the plastic syringe that comes with the medicine, take an ordinary baby bottle lid, flip it upside down, and stick the tip of the syringe into the top of the rubber nipple. Voila! No more sticky aftermath from wrestling with a fussy baby.

7. Travel with a pool noodle: If your babes are falling out of bed, place a pool noodle parallel to the edge and put fitted sheet over it. Easy for traveling!

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