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The best apple ever? We'll bite!

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — There's a lot to love about apples: they're crunchy, juicy and good for you.

But one type of apple is getting especially good reviews from customers.

The wildly popular Honeycrisp apple is the result of crossing two parents.

The apple is so special it has its own patent.

"Honeycrisp was introduced by the University of Minnesota back in 1991," said Jim Luby, a professor at the university's department of horticulture science.

Luby is one of the apple's inventors - along with co-inventor David Bedford. Their names appear on the patent of the variety that is, arguably, America's most favorite apple.

"Certainly, the things that make it good eating is its incredible crunchiness and juiciness," said Luby.

So, what makes the honeycrisp stand out from the bunch?

"There's a lot of secrets we're still trying to uncover, actually," said Luby.

But Luby says there is a scientific reason it pops when you take a bite. The apple has a large cell size.

"They hold together until they have a lot of pressure from your teeth and then they just explode with the juice that's inside those cells, and that's what gives it the great texture," Luby said.

The Honeycrisp has impressive roots and the variety is not genetically modified.

"Its pedigree, its ancestry traces back to the very beginnings of our apple-breeding program back in 1908," said Luby.

And though the U.S. patent for the apple expired in 2008, the fruit still holds a patent in other countries that last until 2031.

"We still have some patents enforced in other parts of the world on the Honeycrisp variety," Luby said.

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