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South Bay burglaries have community on high alert

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CHULA VISTA (NEWS 8) — Chula Vista police received several reports of burglaries this week in Eastlake on and near Blue Sage Way.

Investigators had some early clues, but so far, no one has been arrested.

Last Monday, J.D. De Ocampo says his wife came home to find their Eastlake house ransacked.

"You feel violated, I guess you could say," said De Ocampo. "She got in the house and noticed something was off because everything was kind of ravaged - all the cabinets were open and what not. She immediately grabbed the dogs and called 911 and waited outside."

The burglary happened around 1 p.m. in the afternoon - in broad daylight. A time when his wife could have been home.

"I think the people that are doing it are becoming more bold," said De Ocampo. "The scary part is she's pregnant right now, so makes it even a little bit more scary."

Chula Vista police confirmed De Ocampo's home was one of three in the neighborhood hit by burglars that day.

News of the break-ins quickly spread through neighborhood watch apps.

"There's a lot people posting just weird or unusual activity they were seeing [and] pictures from their video cameras," said De Ocampo.

One post showing someone knocking on doors in the area got a lot of attention.

Neighbors believed a red shoe lace left behind by the girl in the video could have been a way to signal when a house was empty.

"A lot of times what a burglar will do is they'll go to the door and knock or ring the doorbell [then] they'll wait for a response," said Chula Vista Police Department Lt. Dan Peak. "If they don't get response, a lot of times, that's when they try to go through a side gate or jump a fence to get into the backyard."

In this case, the situation was a bit different.

"This individual was actually contacted and identified by officers as a person going door-to-door selling candy," said Lt. Peak.

Police do not believe she was involved.

As for the shoe lace?

"It wasn't meant to be a marker for burglarizing that house and is just purely coincidental at this point," said Peak.

Still, police say neighbors are doing the right thing, because being vigilant is a good way to keep thieves at bay.

"I just encourage our neighbors to check their security cameras [and] if they find anything unusual to report it to police," said De Ocampo.

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