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The best dash cams

By Ronan Glon

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Best Dash CamsDash cams have become ubiquitous among daily driver tools. Increasing distractions and decreasing attention spans have made for dangerous, traffic-laden commutes. Thankfully, dash cams help provide irrefutable proof of fault in the event of an accident, and, while we don’t have quite as many insurance fraud cases here in the United States as abroad, rest assured that a proper dash cam can shut those cons down, too.

Then there’s the ancillary benefit of potentially recording the next outrageous, viral vehicular drama. Car drives into nearby pond? You’ll want that on camera. An airplane crashes in Seattle? Your footage might be priceless to investigators.

At this stage, there are numerous options (and price points) for those who are ready to rig up a dash cam. It’s not easy to pick a clear winner, but our tests have elevated a few cams above the rest.

At a glance

Garmin Dash Cam 55The best dash cam overall
Thinkware X500D DashcamThe best dual-lens dash cam
Mobius ActionCamThe best budget dash cam
Lukas LK-7950 WDThe best feature-rich dash cam
Rexing V1The best all-around dash cam
Garmin Speak PlusThe best voice-enabled dash cam

Garmin Dash Cam 55

The best

Why should you buy this? It boasts a robust set of features that actually work as intended

Who’s it for? Anyone who wants the absolute best in dash cam tech

How much will it cost? $199

Why we picked the Garmin Dash Cam 55:

At $200, the Garmin Dash Cam 55 offers a ton of features and quality for a reasonable price. In a crowded market, it takes more than just being good — and the unique attributes of the Dash Cam 55 give it an edge.

At 1440p HD resolution and 30 frames per second, the Dash Cam 55 shoots in stunning quality during the day and respectable quality at night. Like some other dash cams on the market, the Dash Cam 55 offers innovative driver aids, but unlike other cameras, its alerts are often relevant (instead of driving you nuts with false alarms). And thanks to a slew of voice-activated functions, it lets drivers focus on the road ahead. Also, the nifty Travelapse feature makes cool time-lapse videos that can easily be shared via the app.

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 looks great, feels sturdy, and has better features than competitors costing far more. What’s not to love?

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Owl Car Cam

The best dual-lens dash cam

owl car cam snowy landscape

Why should you buy this? You want front and rear video surveillance

Who’s it for? Extra cautious drivers

How much will it cost? $349

Why we picked the Owl Car Cam:

The latest innovation among dash cams is the addition of a second, rear-facing camera lens to monitor activity in and around the cabin of your vehicle. There are plenty of choices within this new segment of cams, however, the Owl Car Cam stands out for its safety add-ons.

Once on the road, the Owl Car Cam display shows a view of both the 1440p front and 720p rear camera feed, so you can ensure you they’re properly aligned. The Owl has room for up to 24 hours of video in internal storage. Older clips are erased after the storage is full, but a driver can save specific moments with a vocal command. That’s just the dash cam part; there’s more.

It keeps your car safe, too. When you park, the Owl will watch for motion and send an alert to your phone when someone approaches or tries to enter your car. Even as an intruder approaches, they will see the flashing green LED on the top of the camera begin to flash brighter and let them know they are being tracked. Once you receive an alert of a break-in or motion from your car camera, you can open the app to see a live view of the interior and exterior. While watching the video, you can turn on a bright, white LED on the display screen and even enable a two-way speaker to talk to the intruder

The Owl Car Cam’s trend-setting safety tech may be a little on the sensitive side, but it’s a great pick for those who want to freshen their older cars with new features while benefiting from a dual-camera setup.

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Mobius ActionCam

The best budget dash cam


Why should you buy this? Protect yourself for cheap

Who’s it for? Cost-conscious consumers

How much will it cost? $70

Why we picked the Mobius ActionCam:

If you’ve done your research, it’s probably clear that adding a dash cam to your car is a smart move, but that doesn’t mean it’s an affordable one. Fortunately, the Mobius ActionCam allows drivers to protect themselves without going broke.

The Actioncam benefits from more than just a low price tag. Its compact size fits perfectly just in front of your car’s rear view mirror. This option doesn’t sacrifice any windshield visibility and maintains the clean look of your interior. This little guy also packs 1080p video recording at 30fps and can overwrite previous footage when the memory card reaches capacity. Rounding out the cam’s highlights is downloadable software for camera settings tweaks and a painless setup process.

Our gripes with the Actioncam are few, but it’s worth mentioning that you’ll have to do without a built-in display to monitor your recordings for that you’ll need a computer or TV. Finally, the lack of accelerometer and G-sensor means accident footage may appear chaotic compared to other, stabilized cameras.

Lukas LK-7950 WD

The best feature-rich dash cam


Why should you buy this? If you live in extreme temperature climates or drive a lot at night, this is your best bet.

Who’s it for? The bells-and-whistles guy or gal

How much will it cost? $350

Why we picked the Lukas LK-7950 WD:

If you want the most advanced dash cam on the market, look no further than the Lukas LK-7950 WD. Sure, it’s a mouthful, but it’s also full of some innovative features to record video in high-resolution day or night.

With two cameras (front and rear) recording video at 1080p, Sony Exmor IMX322 sensors in each lens, and support for two SD cards with up to 256GB capacity apiece, the LK-7950 churns out crystal clear footage for hours on end without needing to overlap old video. This cam is also well regarded for its resistance to high heat or extreme cold, so you won’t have to worry about frying your expensive new device on the windshield.

Durability and great quality video is important, but the LK-7950 goes beyond the competition with Wi-Fi for viewing on a smartphone, GPS, OBD-II, parking mode, High Dynamic Range (HDR) for optimal night vision recording, UV and CPL filters, a G-sensor, and built-in battery discharge prevention. There really isn’t a dash cam feature on the market that the LK-7950 doesn’t include. Our only complaints come down to its high price point and bulky size.

Rexing V1

The best all-around dash cam

Rexing V1 dash cam

Why you should buy this? You want a basic dash cam that does it all without breaking the bank

Who’s it for? Commuters

How much will it cost? $99

Why we picked the Rexing V1:

The Rexing V1 is ideal for commuters who want a dash cam that does it all but doesn’t come with an expensive price tag. Its discreet design blends in with the interior of many cars, too, so it won’t draw unnecessary attention. It offers a 1080p resolution at 30 fps thanks in part to a Sony Exmor IMX323 video sensor, ensuring it records high-quality video, and wide dynamic range technology allows it to perform well in low-light situations.

The device’s loop recording function also means it’s not necessary to delete video files when the SD card is full. The newest video files automatically overwrite the oldest ones on the card, allowing you to record for hours on end. Users can choose whether to create a new file every three, five, or 10 minutes. Rexing recommends using a 128GB SD card, but keep in mind that said card isn’t included with the V1.

Video files are automatically locked when the built-in G sensor detects an accident, meaning the files are available even if the device fails to shut off and continues recording. Locked files aren’t deleted unless the user manually removes them from the SD card. Rexing’s V1 currently retails for $100, a reasonable price which makes it difficult to beat as a basic all-arounder. Basically, it’s the Toyota Corolla of the dash cam world.

Garmin Speak Plus

The best voice-enabled dash cam

Garmin Speak review lifestyle

Why you should buy this? You want the convenience of voice control technology

Who’s it for? Motorists who want to take Alexa along for the ride

How much will it cost? $200

Why we picked the Garmin Speak Plus:

The Alexa-enabled Garmin Speak Plus is the Swiss army knife of the dash cam world. It exists at the intersection of dash cams, GPS units, and voice assistants. The part facing the road records the drive and automatically saves footage if it detects an accident has occurred, and users can download a purpose-designed application to view and share footage at any time. The camera also doubles as a lane-departure-warning system and a forward collision system. And, if you like to check your phone at a stop light, rest assured it can send “go” alerts when traffic starts moving again.

The part facing the cabin is a GPS without the bulky screen, which can be good or bad depending on your perspective. We tested it and concluded the lack of a screen reduces confidence and ease of use. It works as advertised, though, and it delivers turn-by-turn directions with arrows that indicate the lane you should be in. It also supports a wide range of Alexa features, allowing you to access news reports, stream audio, control aspects of your home, and carry out a host of other actions on the fly.

Garmin put extra effort into making the device look good, too. It’s small, meaning it won’t take up your car’s entire windshield, and its design makes it look like an Echo Dot. It’s also well-built, though, you will need to find a way to hide the device’s power cables if you want to store them out of the way.

How we test

Our dash cams log many hours recording real-world tests, both on and off-road. We judge them by their ease of installation, storage capacity, video quality, and stability. We also note any additional features as well as how well the dash cam controls, either by attachments or through an app.

First-time dash cam buyer

Dash Cam technology has advanced pretty quickly, so if this is your first device purchase, it’s best to choose one that has features you’ll use consistently rather than one with new tech that you might use down the road. New cameras with improved usability and more robust functionality will continue to lower prices and will force manufacturers to load products with cutting-edge features. That means when you’re ready to upgrade, chances are you’ll find a great option, with more goodies, for less than today’s leading models.

While you’re upgrading your in-car gadgets …

Look into head-up displays (HUDs). Dash cams will help you with insurance claims in the case of an accident, but a proper head-up display can help you avoid an accident in the first place (assuming it isn’t someone else smashing into you). These devices cut down on distraction by displaying key information, such as the vehicle speed and navigation directions, directly in the driver’s line of sight.

Most premium vehicle manufacturers offer an HUD as an optional extra, but for every other type of car (or for older models), aftermarket suppliers now offer advanced HUD devices at reasonable prices. Safety is cool, ladies and gentlemen.

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