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The best Apple HomeKit-compatible devices

By Jenny McGrath

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In 2015,the first HomeKit productswith Apple’s MFi (“Made for iPhone”) certification went on sale or up for pre-order. The certification ensured that these smart-home devices came withan authentication chip and had undergone rigorous testing to get Apple’s official seal of approval.

Apple’s HomePod speaker functions as a hub with Siri built in. Previously, an Apple TV was needed to control devices remotely and interactions took place through an iPhone or iPad. Many HomeKit devices are also compatible with Amazon speakers and Google Home devices, so you can use voice control with a variety of speakers.

Below is alist of some of the best HomeKit-compatible devices. We should note that this isn’t a complete list, as several companies have announced products with HomeKit integration that are not on the market quite yet. We’ll update this list as more become available.

HomeKit-compatible devices


August:The smart lock company offers aHomeKit-ready lock, which lets you replace your thumb turn but keep your existing outer lock.
Product: August Smart Lock($190)

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers: Monitor, open, and close your garage door from anywhere.
Products: MyQ-Garage Opener($199), MyQ Home Bridge ($50)

Friday Lock: Billing itself as the smallest smart lock, Friday fits on the inside of your door, letting you keep your existing keys.
Product: Friday Smart Lock($200)

Kwikset: The Kwikset Premis is a HomeKit-exclusive smart lock.
Product: Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock ($229)

Schlage: You’ll be able to ask Siri to lock and unlock your door.
Product: Smart Sense Deadbolt ($230)

Yale Assure: In October 2017, Yale released its HomeKit-enabled smart lock.
Product: Yale Assure Touchscreen Deadbolt($250)


Philips Hue go

Elgato: Elgato’s dynamic mood lighting transforms your home with subtle changes in light.
Product:Elgato Eve Light Switch ($50)

iDevices: Plug an ordinary light bulb into the iDevices socket to control it with Siri.
Products: iDevices Socket($50), Light Switch ($100)

Legrand: Legrand and Netatmo are partnering to bring HomeKit-enabled switches and outlets in January 2018.
Product:Legrand Cliane(TBD)

Leviton: Leviton has a diverselineup of HomeKit-enabled switches and dimmersthat don’t require a hub.
Products: 600-Watt Dimmer($60), 1000-Watt Dimmer($66), Decora Smart Switch($54)

Lifx: Lifx’s bulbs have the HomeKit hardware, as do its light strips.
Products: Smart LED Light Bulb ($70), Lifx Z Light Strip ($90)

Logitech: These buttons can control lighting, music, and more, depending on how you program them.
Product:Logitech Pop Smart Button($60)

Lutron: Control your lights with Lutron’s numerous bridges and kits.
Products: Smart Bridge($80), Casta Wireless In-Wall LightDimmer with Remote($59), Casta Wireless Plug-In LampDimmer with Remote($50), Casta Wireless Smart LightingIn-Wall Dimmer Kit($176)

Nanoleaf:Nanoleaf’s energy-efficient LEDs come in very unique packages.
Products: Ivy Smarter Kit($95), Aurora Lighting Smarter Kit($200)

Philips Hue:Whether you want colorful or white lights, Philips Hue has lots of lighting options.
Products: Starter kit($200), Philips Hue Bridge ($60), Extension bulb ($50), Lightstrip Plus($90), Tap Switch($50), Hue Go($80)

Sylvania: This company offersmulti-colored lights that are designedto change on command.
Product: A19 Light Bulb ($45)



ConnectSense: Make any device HomeKit-ready with ConnectSense’ssmart outlet.
Product: Smart Outlet($60)

Elgato: In addition to its light bulbs, Elgato has an outlet.
Products: Elgato Eve Energy, Switch and Power Meter($50)

Fibaro: In addition to its light bulbs, Elgato has an outlet.
Products: Elgato Eve Energy, Switch and Power Meter($50)

iDevices: Plug anything into the company’s indoor or outdoor switch to make the device smart, and control your climate with the thermostat.
Products: iDevices Switch($50), iDevices Outdoor Switch ($80), and iDevices Thermostat($130)

iHome: Connect ordinary devices into the smart plug, and you can start controlling them with your phone.
Product: iHome Control Smart Plug($43)

Incipio:In addition to being a smart plug, the CommandKit outlet is an energy meter for the plugged-in device.
Product: CommandKit Smart Outlet($29),Power Strip ($89)

Insignia: This plug will allow you to monitor your power usage.
Product: Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Meter($35)

Koogeek: This company’s smart plug works with Siri.
Product: Koogeek Smart Plug($30)

Parce:This HomeKit-ready, German-made outlet monitors your energy use. (Not for U.S. homes.)
Product:One (60)

PureGear:PureGear’s outlet connects to your Wi-Fi and has a USB port on the side.
Product:PureSwitch ($40)

VOCOlinc:Both VOCOlinc’s outlet and power strip let you remotely control whatever’s plugged in.
Products:PM2E Smart Power Strip($60),PM3 Smart Outlet($25)


EcoBee3 Smart Thermostat Thumb

Ecobee: Use sensors and a thermostat to keep tabs on your home’s temp.
Products: Smart Wi-FI Thermostat($181), ecobee 4 with room sensor ($199)

Elgato: These radiator valves are available for the European market.
Products:Eve Thermo(60)

Heatmiser: With a name like Heatmiser, this thermostat is bound to save U.K. homes some pounds.
Products: Heatmiser neoHub (148)

Honeywell:Get Siri to raise and lower the temperature of your home thanks to a Honeywell thermostat.
Products: Lyric T5 ($150), Lyric Round ($199),Lyric T6(150)

Hunter: Cool down the room with Hunter’s connected ceiling fan.
Product:Hunter Signal Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan ($349)

iDevices:Control your climate with the company’s thermostat.
Product: iDevices Thermostat($130)

LUX:This rectangular thermostat works with Siri.
Product: KONO Smart Thermostat($150)

Netatmo: The United Kingdom has a HomeKit thermostat option from Netatmo.
Product: Thermostat(150)

Nu-Heat:Fancy heated floors can now be controlled with Siri.
Product: neoHub+ (request quote)



Elgato: A variety of Elgato’s Eve sensors will give you all kinds of information about what’s going on inside your home.
Products: Door & Window($40),Energy($50), Weather($50), Room ($80), Motion ($50)Thermo (59, not available in the U.S.)

Fibaro: This flood sensor is outfitted with water-detecting probes and an ambient temperature sensor.
Products: Fibaro Homekit-enabled Flood Sensor($70), Fibaro Homekit-Enabled Motion Sensor ($70) Fibaro Homekit-Enabled Door and Window Sensor ($60)

iHome: A five-in-one sensor from iHome lets you monitormotion, temperature, light, sound, and humidity with one device.
Product: Control iSS50 5-in-1 Smart Monitor($80)

Netatmo:This tower monitors humidity, temperature, and air quality.
Product:Healthy Home Coach($100)


D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD
Daven Mathies/Digital Trends

D-Link:The first security camera to work with HomeKit comes from D-Link.
Products: Omna 180 Cam HD ($200)

Logitech:Logitech introduced the Circle 2, a camera you can use with the Home app.
Products: Circle 2($180)

Netatmo:Netatmo makes an outdoor security camera.
Products: Presence($300)


Hunter Douglas:Have your shades open and close on a schedule or via Siri.
Products:Motorized Shades with PowerView Hub(request quote)

Lutron:Customize your shades and control them with your HomeKit app.
Products:Serena Motorized Shades(request quote)

Velux:HomeKit-compatible Velux windows can open and close on command or in response to the environment.
Products:Active Windows(request quote)

Smoke alarms


First Alert: The first (and for now only) smoke detector to work with HomeKit comes from First Alert.
Products: Onelink Wi-Fi Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector(Hardwired$109, 10-year battery$109)

Netatmo: This French company unveiled itscompeting smoke alarm at CES, but it has yet tohit the market.
Product: Smart Smoke Alarm (not yet available)

OneLink: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors use HomeKit to send alerts to your Apple devices when something is wrong ($100+).

Hubs and security systems

Insteon Hub Central Controller

Honeywell: The Lyric Controller will control your smart home devices and help ensure your security ($300).

Insteon: The company’s hub can control all its products, including lights and locks, even from outside your home.
Product:Hub Pro ($150)

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