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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Exit Interview: Honey Davenport Talks Being Homeless Before Season 11 (Exclusive)

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Warning! Spoilers below for this week's all-new episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race." If you haven't watched yet, fix that, then come back and read for more from this week's eliminated queen!

Thursday's all-new episode RuPaul's Drag Race culminated in a religious experience that left Mama Ru raising holy hell on the losing team!

After saying goodbye to last week's eliminated queen, Kahanna Montrese, the remaining girls got into quick drag for the mini-challenge, where they were tasked with talking their way backstage at a Seduction concert -- the former girl group of Michelle Visage, of course. "I wonder whatever happened to her?" Ru pondered.

Nina West and Ra'Jah O'Hara took top honors in the challenge, which positioned them as team captains for the unholy maxi, where each group created a "she-vangelical" talk show to "teach and preach the children about the divine pop diva of your choice.”

Team Nina West started out with some tension as the queens debated Whitney vs. Britney (and smoothed over last week's drama between Ariel Versace and Silky Nutmeg Ganache). However, once they got rolling on the "It’s Britney, Bitch Network," it was just them against the music.

Nina and Brooke Lynn Hytes anchored the live production as the over-the-top hosts with high hair and even higher praise hands for Ms. Spears, Ariel and Silky teamed up for a surprisingly catchy musical tribute and Miss Vanjie stole scenes once again as she converted Yvie Oddly and Mercedes Iman Diamond to the Church of Work, B**ch. Despite Mercedes flubbing her big line -- "Even Beyoncé and Kelly gotta pull Michelle," Vanjie snarked -- the team shown as a cohesive unit, with divine love for their "Toxic" queen.

Team Ra'Jah, on the other hand, was a mess from the jump. When no one could make a strong case for a diva to anchor their show around, they decided on Mariah Carey, justifying that they could pool their facts about Mimi to make a compelling production. However, as Mama Ru pointed out, their collective knowledge was still not that much, evidenced by the fact that they couldn't correctly name Mariah's fans as "lambs" and Ra'Jah was belting “I Get So Emotional” by...Whitney Houston.

"I don’t know a lot about Mariah," Honey Davenport admitted. "And I’m kind of gagged that nobody who's decided that we was doing Mariah knows anything either."

And it only got worse from there. It was New Year's Eve 2016 all over again for the group when the live cameras went on, as hosts Scarlet Envy and Shuga Cain struggled with their comedic timing, Honey and Ra'Jah's musical number fell flatter and Plastique Tiara broke out an insane, demonic voice for her role as the conversion specialist -- plus, they spent the whole time referring to Carey’s 2001 feature flop as "Sparkle." Dahling, no.

To their credit, the team seemed to understand that they had blown it bigger than Glitter's opening weekend. "Overall, I think our team is, um, headed to the gate...and it ain’t of heaven," A'Keria C. Davenport admitted, shaking her head after judge Ross Mathews not-so-subtly warned them to slay the runway in order to save themselves from elimination

But even several stunning runway looks (category is: "fringe") weren't enough to salvage Team Ra'Jah. Guest judges Guillermo Diaz and Troye Sivan were wowed by some of the ensembles, but after Nina was crowned this week's winner and her team declared safe, all of the critique came back to the disastrous performances by the faux lambs in ladies clothing. When put on the spot, however, none of the teammates threw each other under the bus, taking credit as a group for their "heartbreaking" performance.

"Y'all need to step yo' pussy up," Mama Ru warned, before shocking the entire runway with her announcement: "For the first time in Drag Race herstory, all of you will be lipsyncing for your lives."

Six consecutive lip syncs?! "Oh, Mama is mad and all six of y’all have to pay!" Vanjie exclaimed to the cameras, as Ra'Jah, A'Keria, Plastique, Scarlet, Shuga and Honey stood stunned.

"How do I use this stage without hitting these bitches in the face?" Scarlet wondered, while Ra'Jah prepared for her “Tonya Harding moment” during the lip sync for your life, to a remix of Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting for Tonight."

And the third queen to sashay away was...

Honey Davenport took a tumble off the stage and that was all it took for her to be sent home, after failing to impress the judges with her challenge performances or lip sync skills. Prior to season 11, the NYC queen spoke with ET's Brice Sander about her time on Drag Race, calling it "a roller coaster."

"It's legendary and it's mind-boggling," Honey added. "Get ready to watch not only an entertainer, transformed from a beautiful man to a beautiful woman, but watch a human grow in front of your own eyes because I feel like a different person."

Honey made the cut this year on her eighth audition for Drag Race and said that the show has been a huge moment in her personal evolution as both a drag queen and a human being.

"Life has a way of putting opportunities in your way. Life has a way of not giving you the opportunities until you're ready for them," she explained. "I overcame a lot of things in a lifetime, this past year. From homelessness to alcohol abuse, and I just became such a strong person, more confident, artist, such a more confident musician. I was ready, the world was like, 'Yes, go ahead. Be great.'"

"It was strange because, like, honestly, during the show I was still dealing with those issues," she continued. "America's going to get to watch me like, not be the queen that I am today, but see it in the making. Which is really cool, but I was heading in the right direction. I was homeless when I got the call from Drag Race...I'm on my way to being a better me, so I'm really excited for America to watch me go on that journey and have me talk about it, be there for me through it, because I'm really excited where I've gotten to right now. And what is to come."

As for what she hopes the fans think of her following her time on the show, Honey admitted, "No matter what, I just want people to see my heart."

"I just want people to see how much I care, I just want people to see how much my drag is not just for me, it's for -- the world is in a weird, f**ked up place. The world is in a really weird, messy place right now, and the only thing that I feel like I have to contribute is my art. And I hope that after this season that everyone walks away with a little piece of that."

RuPaul's Drag Race airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.


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