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To Hill And Back

Updated: October 27th, 2008

I hiked Torrey Pines this weekend - both days. Tonight I'm feeling it. But it's all good. I have a great walking buddy in my friend Marna and it makes training a lot of fun. We like to try out other hiking venues on occasion but this one is our favorite.

The weather was perfect for hiking. It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze coming in off the water. The thing I like about hiking in our beautiful state parks is that when you stop to take a breather you end up looking around and always being amazed by what you see. It always ends up being one of those "I can't believe I actually live here" moments. It gets really fun when the Three Day Walk route takes us through here on the first day and we get to hear all the comments from the out-of-towners. There's a lot of "wow" and "look at that" and even more picture taking. It's a very proud moment for anyone who lives here.

I'm starting to notice other walkers as I train - women wearing Three Day Walk shirts from years past, wearing their walking belts with their bottles of water and keeping a good stride. Anyway who's travelled this journey before know that, at this point, a leisurely pace does you no good. You really have to pound the pavement - or in this case, the sand. Wear the same shoes every day until they become like an old friend and don't even think of getting a pedicure! The last thing you want is for someone to scrape off that hard, dry skin. That's your blister armor. You want your feet to be as tough as you feel when that first morning rolls around.

Marna and I like to make a total workout of our walks - just to test our bodies a little more. We always do modified push-ups when we coming to a set of railings. Depending on where we walk, this can add up to a lot of push-ups - as was the case today. I've got a date with a tube of Bengay in about ten minutes....

I'm also thinking a lot about socks tonight. Walkers, let me tell you, these are as important as your shoes. Marna was wearing socks that didn't come up high enough and kept slipping down into the back of her shoes. Tonight she has a blister on one foot. If this happens in the Three Day, you're in trouble. My favorite socks are Drymaxx. You can get them at most running stores and, while they are a little pricey compared to some other socks, they are worth it. They provide just the right amount of cushion and keep your feet very dry. Last year a walker told me she also sprays anti-perspirant on her feet in the morning and that really helped keep her feet dry. Others take a second pair of socks with them and change them at the ten mile mark each day. I say try it all until you find what works for you - don't let the walk itself be your experiment. Know what works before you start.

Before I sign off on this entry, let me go back to the hill again. I like to include hills like Torrey Pines in my training because there are a fair number of hills in the Three Day - and if you haven't been training on hills - you're going too pay for it. It's an entirely different strain on your feet and legs and you need to include all those areas in your workout. I always hear walkers complain about their ankles and knees after the first day - and it's primarily because of the hills. Find a good hill you can include in your training and walk it as much as you can (and reward yourself with a good, long stretch after). I'm back to straight pavement and a little swimming this week but, come next weekend, it's back to this hills!

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