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BBB: Send The 'UPS Virus' Packing!

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It appears to be a legitimate email notice from UPS, but if you open the electronic attachment, you could find your computer's hard drive destroyed.

Rachel Murany, president of Mail Management Group in El Cajon, still can't believe she fell victim to a malicious computer virus, one that has cost her direct mail ad firm considerable time and trouble.

"At first I got really angry, and then very confused why people would want to do this to anyone," Murany said.

She received what appeared to be an email notification from UPS.

"It said something about a shipment we made on the first of July, that the address had been incorrect," she said.

A frequent UPS customer, Murany says she was concerned.

"So I opened the e-mail, and they got me," she said.

Opening the attachment unleashed a malicious computer virus that infected her hard drive, corrupting many of her files. Murany isn't alone. Others across the country have also fallen victim to this latest high-tech hoax. UPS is warning its customers that this email notice is not from them.

"UPS is something common that any business would think nothing twice of opening something. It's a service that they use and want to know what's going on with the delivery," San Diego Better Business Bureau President and CEO Sheryl Bilbrey said.

Bilbrey says the creator of the virus is preying on victims' trust.

"I wouldn't open an e-mail from UPS. If you're concerned about a delivery, go to the UPS website, enter the information and check it out yourself," she said.

Along with never opening an email attachment that appears suspicious, experts also recommend backing up your hard drive's files on a regular basis, and constantly updating your computer's anti-virus software.

Rachel Murany says the challenge now is to find a fix for the virus, which can mutate over time.

"What worked for one person to clean up the virus isn't necessarily going to work for other people trying to clean up the virus," she said.

It's a time-consuming mess with no easy solution.

A spokesman for UPS warns its customers that while it occasionally sends emails to its customers, it rarely sends attachments. The company is advising anyone who receives this email, which claims to come from the UPS Packet Service, to delete it immediately.

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