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MRSA Staph Bacteria Becoming A Superbug

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MRSA skin infections are going around San Diego. This poses a threat, because the staph bacteria seems to have become drug resistant and doesn't respond to penicillin type drugs. Now, doctors are turning to other antibiotics to treat the super bug.\r\n\r\nA MRSA skin infection is a bacterial infection that can begin as a skin rash, ingrown hair, pimple or boil.\r\n\r\nTraditionally, a MRSA skin infection was treated with a regiment of antibiotics like penicillin.\r\n\r\n"MRSA, methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus...are bacteria. In the past, were sensitive to a penicillin or penicillin-like antibiotics. Now they're methicillin resistant," said Doctor James Cevallos with the San Ysidro Health Center. "If someone has MRSA, penicillin won't work or penicillin antibiotics won't work."\r\n\r\nThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the staph bacteria has, in fact, become more resistant to antibiotics and is getting Superbug status.\r\n\r\nDoctor Cevallos knows why.\r\n\r\n"They've become more resistant with the use of antibiotics," noted Doctor Cevallos.\r\n\r\nSince the drugs doctors typically treated the staph infection with are not effective, they're turning to other antibiotics. \r\n\r\n"In the community, most MRSA infections are treatable with some of our older antibiotics such a bactrim or tetracycline," explained Doctor Cevallos.\r\n\r\nBut MRSA can be dangerous.\r\n\r\n"It can cause flesh eating disease," Doctor Cevallos said.\r\n\r\nThe hospital setting staph infection can be life threatening. If the infection enters the blood stream, lungs or organs the patient can die. But doctor Cevallos says people can take preventable measures to protect themselves.\r\n\r\n"Definitely, number one washing their hands, trying to avoid equipment that hasn't been cleaned or sanitized and avoiding the over use or imprudent use of antibiotics," said Doctor Cevallos.\r\n\r\nMost cases of MRSA skin infections are contracted in community settings, such as schools, dorms or gyms.
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