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Digital TV Switch Still Taking Some By Surprise

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We've been talking about it for months, and on Feb. 17, CBS8 will make the switch to digital broadcasting. The change only affects those who get their signal with rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna. But despite weeks of public announcements, some of those people still aren't sure what it all means.

For 40 years, an antenna outside the Adrian's North Park home connected to their old TV served them just fine. Then John and Sarah got the bad news from their nephew.

"I had a lot of explaining to do. and they're not going back. They like the digital a lot," John Andrews said.

Not only did John explain to his aunt and uncle why they need to get a digital television, he accompanied them on their trip to Costco and hooked it up.

"I'm glad somebody helped me. I just turn it on and that's all. It's all I need," Sarah said.

Sarah still doesn't understand the intricate details of the digital switch, but she knows what's important, it looks a lot better.

"Oh,I love it. It's really nice," she said.

Since Sara's new Sony is digital ready, she doesn't need a converter box. And that old antenna outside? Her TV makes it good as new - no cable or satellite needed.

"It's actually better.  The HD is better, no doubt about it, and it's using all that 1080p available on the screen," John said.

If you use an antenna to get reception and have an older TV, you will need a converter box starting Feb.18. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to watch Channel 8 - and several other local stations.

The boxes are sold at most major electronics stores. If you have cable or satellite, or if you have a relatively new TV that is already digital ready, you have nothing to worry about. Just like John and Sarah, you are technologically ready for the next phase of TV.

"Embrace it because this is great... it really is great," Sarah said.

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