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Are You Ready? CBS 8 Switching To Digital Tonight

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If you're watching CBS 8 using "rabbit ears" or a rooftop antenna, come midnight Tuesday our signal will disappear. But there's still time to make sure you don't lose our programming.

This is our current situation: a TV tower transmits two signals, one analog and one digital. It travels through the air and is picked up by our televisions. But just before midnight Tuesday, that all changes.

With the flip of a switch, that analog signal disappears, leaving only the digital signal broadcasting.

Not every TV will be affected by this shut-off. If you pay a cable bill, or are hooked up to a satellite dish, don't worry about it. It only makes a difference to TVs receiving signals over the air - basically, if you use those "rabbit ears" or an antenna.

But even then, still not all TVs are affected. On the back of your TV, if you see the words: Integrated Digital Tuner, Digital Tuner Built-In, Digital Receiver, or Digital Tuner, again there is no need for concern. You are primed and ready for the digital conversion.

That leaves us speaking only to those with older TVs, most likely made before 2007. By Wednesday, your signal may disappear, but there still no need to sweat - you don't have to throw out your TV. A simple digital converter box will do the trick. You can pick up one for about $40 at any electronics retailer. Then just plug your existing antenna cable into the box, plug the box into your TV and power it up. You are now once again receiving a free TV signal.

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