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Sponsored Content: Palomar March 26
Sponsored Content: Palomar March 26

Palomar Health Home Health Physical Therapist Amanda Arsenault took her own advice to get back to doing what she loves, professionally and recreationally.

She was told she would never do the things she loved anymore: backpacking, skiing, hiking, even her job as a physical therapist.

“My whole world was shattered,” Palomar Health Home Health Physical Therapist Amanda Arsenault said after a doctor told her the injuries she sustained while assisting an obese patient to the floor during a physical therapy session were too severe to overcome.

The 2011 accident left Amanda with a broken back and broken dreams.

“Then I realized, ‘Amanda pick yourself up. You’re a physical therapist; you know exactly how to progress.’”

Amanda followed the advice she often gave to her own patients to “prove the doctor wrong.”

“It’s that doctor’s image in my head that really gets the fire burning inside to put myself through it,” Amanda said as she scaled Iron Mountain trail in Poway carrying a 30-pound backpack. Amanda used that fire to completely rehabilitate her broken back and return to doing what she loves.

“I want that same passion in my patients when they are doing their therapy or pushing through an extra set.”

Amanda says she believes physical therapists are a breed who loves to be active, push their bodies to the limit and accomplish what they ask their patients to do.

“It’s not easy what we ask our patients to do; it’s not easy what I ask my body to do every day, but we do it and I love it. That’s why I became a physical therapist.”

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