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Angie Lee

Angie Lee
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Angie Lee is a general assignment reporter for KFMB-TV in San Diego, California.

The love of television news started young for CBS News 8 reporter Angie Lee. While other kids may have spent nights playing with their toys, Angie studied the evening news. As a little girl growing up in the beach town of San Pedro, California, Angie would pretend to anchor the news for her childhood friends. "I would come up with creative neighborhood stories like how to get the girls to play jump rope!"

With that same interest in TV, Angie graduated from UC Santa Barbara before beginning her career in broadcasting at KNVN in Chico, CA. In her first job out of college, Angie did it all. From editing to producing to filming her own footage and of course, her old favorite, anchoring, she managed to master the news biz. It was also in Chico that Angie was reminded just why she had a passion for reporting. The story of a young boy who was shot senselessly made quite an impact on her. After gaining the confidence of the victim's mother, Angie was able to conduct interviews and give the family a voice. Moving on from Chico, Angie accepted a job at KGPE in Fresno. It was there that she covered one of the most devastating floods to hit the area but the highlight of her time in Fresno was a one-on-one interview with then Vice President Al Gore. Angie also became very active in her community, working hard to shed light on local news and how it is covered for Asian-American viewers.

San Diego was the next stop for Angie. After a year at KNSD, she joined the CBS News 8 team at KFMB-TV. Her previous reporting of difficult stories was put to the test when she covered the Danielle Van Dam tragedy. From the young girl's disappearance to the conviction and sentencing of her murderer, Angie closely followed the story for local viewers. Angie also reported on the San Diego wildfires in 2003 and again in 2007.
A strong believer in a holistic lifestyle, Angie is focused on living each day in a healthy and balanced way. Married with two children, Angie enjoys cooking and being active in the Asian American Journalism Association.