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Chula Vista Brewery files claim against city for making them take down parklet

Chula Vista Brewery owner Timothy Parker dismantled his outdoor dining parklet Monday as ordered by the City of Chula Vista.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Chula Vista Brewery owner Timothy Parker had a parklet set up outside his business for the past year and he had to take it down Monday, and he said the city is being unfair.

“Emotionally, it’s crushing because I’m thinking I’m doing everything right,” said Chula Vista Brewery owner Timothy Parker. “And out of nowhere the city comes and hits me with a bombshell.”

Chula Vista Brewery owner Timothy Parker dismantled his outdoor dining parklet Monday as ordered by the City of Chula Vista.

“My permit is completely gone,” said Parker. “I can’t even have tables in the front right now.”

Timothy received two notices stating that his parklet permit was expiring and that he needed to remove all parklet materials and furniture by Monday. He did what was asked, but he is frustrated.

“That’s a big difference in revenue,” said Parker. “That’s a big difference in how many people I can sit.”

With help from the People’s Association of Justice Advocates, they filed a claim against Chula Vista which states that, “The city is treating the Chula Vista Brewery in a disparate manner from other businesses in the area.”

“I’m losing money,” said Parker. “I have to lay off staff and then I have to worry about paying bills.”

News 8 reached out to the City of Chula Vista and received this response over email which read in part, 

“Not all businesses are located in locations that provide an opportunity for a parklet which is why they can apply for a sidewalk café instead. In the case of Chula Vista Brewery, a sidewalk café or securing permission from adjacent businesses is an option.”

“Even if I was granted a sidewalk café, I could only fit about two people right there in front, so that’s about four people out front compared to when I had eight tables over there,” said Parker.

Part of the issue with this parklet is that most of the parking spaces are located in front of the neighboring restaurant, which wants to have parklet space too. 

The curb line directly in front of Chula Vista Brewery is next to a right-hand turn lane for traffic. With the reduced seating capacity, Timothy is concerned about the survival of his business.

“If I lose customers, I also have to decrease the staff and that means they lose money,” said Parker. “It’s a snowball effect.”

Moving forward, they hope the city will work toward a compromise that will accommodate parklet space for both the Chula Vista Brewery and the neighboring restaurant.

"The City of Chula Vista needs to sit down with the two business owners and negotiate a plan to how they both can work together to acquire space in front of these restaurants,” said Shane Harris with the People’s Association of Justice Advocates.

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