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Dinner in a dome? Why this Canadian pop-up is coming to Liberty Station

If you've ever wanted to eat inside of snow globe, this might be your shot.

What do peanut butter, walkie-talkies and Celine Dion all have in common? They’re all invaluable gifts from Canada, eh. Now, another Canadian trend is making its way to the states - San Diego specifically.

Dinner With A View started in Ottawa, Ontario. Someone, presumably as they were eating peanut butter while listening to "My Heart Will Go On", had the wild idea to eat dinner inside of a dome. It might sound odd, but wait until you see it:

The winter wonderland scene looks like an Instagram influencer’s dream. 

Soon after, Toronto and Montreal joined in. Dinner With A View’s 110-square-foot domes started popping up all over Canada in an effort to mix up the traditional going-out-to-eat experience. 

Now, these dinner domes are coming to America’s Finest City.

“We had a massive response from people living in the San Diego region on both social media and through our interest campaign, so we listened,” said Steve Georgiev of Dinner With A View.

Architects custom design and engineer each of the eye-catching domes. 

“Each dome is decorated differently to represent different areas of the Earth’s terrain,” said Georgiev. “[They are] intimate, clear, frameless geodesic domes that have been transformed into terrariums.”

So, what’s on the menu? That remains a secretive as Canadian rapper Drake's once-secret child. Guests can pick a vegan, meat or fish option from a three-course, blind menu. However, we know what isn’t on the menu: shellfish, pork or nuts. If you have a food allergy, the company recommends noting that in your reservation.

“The unique menu and meal will be created a notable chef local to the area,” said Dinner With A View. 

The domes are temperature controlled, but Georgiev recommends dressing for the weather.

"We recommend being prepared, rain or shine," said Georgiev.

Each dome sweet dome seats four to six people. Reserving the dome itself costs $200, although the company is currently offering 50% off on their website.  Then, dinner for each person costs $109.99, excluding drinks or water.  

The San Diego pop-up runs from Feb. 6 – March 8. It’ll be open Wednesday - Sunday at Liberty Station with time slots available at 5:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. People of all ages are welcome to attend.