WASHINGTON (AP) - Elizabeth Edwards says if she had known her husband John was having an affair rather than her initial belief that he'd had just a single betrayal, she would have strongly resisted his running for president again.

Edwards said "I do love him" and also said in a nationally broadcast interview that's the reason she has remained with Edwards despite his admitted affair with videographer Reille Hunter.

Edwards went on NBC's "Today" show Monday to discuss "Resilience," the book she has written about her battle with incurable breast cancer and her discovery last year that her husband had been involved in an affair with Hunter.

Asked at one point if she wrote the book to strike back at her husband, Edwards said she actually had started it well before she learned that Edwards' involvement with Hunter was more than a one-night stand.

Edwards said, "I only knew about a single night, a single moment of weakness." She said that if she'd known about a more involved relationship, "I probably would have been more adamant about his not running."

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