SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - History was made Monday on CBS's The Price is Right after three lucky contestants spun the Big Wheel and all three landed the coveted $1. 

First up was contestant number one. 

After two spins she got $1. 

Then came the second contestant. He spun 50-cents and on his second spin hit another 50-cents to reach $1 and earn $1000. 

And because having two people hit the coveted $1 is not enough, The Price is Right host, Drew Carey said, "Let's have a three way tie on the $1." 

The third contestant, who on her first spin got 30-cents, landed her second spin on 70-cents to give her a total of $1. She also earned $1000 for the winning spins.  

"Man, I don't know if that has ever happened," Carey said as the audience members went wild and erupted in cheers! What are the odds?

All three contestant spun the Big Wheel again to determine who would move on to the final Showcase Showdown. They all went home with $1,000. 

Check out how all the drama went down in the video below.

Great way to start the week, don't you think? 

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