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Missing MLB? Mike Polk Jr. suggests cheering on South Korean baseball instead

Missing baseball? The Korean Peninsula has our back.

Great news baseball fans!  Word on the street is that your Cleveland Indians have been instructed to be ready to play baseball by July 1. It’s not set in stone but it’s certainly hopeful. Even so, that’s still a ways away. And some of us could really use a baseball fix right now to tide us over.

Luckily, the Korean Peninsula has our back.

The country of South Korea which has been remarkably successful in battling the coronavirus outbreak officially began their baseball season this past weekend and ESPN is blessedly airing a lot of the games.

So you DO have the option of watching live baseball right now! Is it ideal? Not at all!

Korean baseball tends to favor contact hitting over the long ball, so it’s not exactly a slug-fest. Additionally, you also won’t know any of the players, and the games come on in the middle of the damn night due to some time zones nonsense, which is obviously not great, but beggars can’t be choosers folks.  

They’re playing these games in empty stadiums, although they did fill one section with these cardboard cutouts of fans, which I think is way more sad than just leaving them empty. And why are they wearing masks? They’re cardboard. They can’t catch anything. Just let those pretend people enjoy the game in comfort.

Or just leave the stands empty. We’re used to that. It’ll just look like a standard Florida Marlins game.

Of course, it’s always more fun to watch a sport if you’re invested in a team so some friends and I have decided to support The Changwon NC Dinos!

Why? Because why not? It doesn’t matter. Plus, their mascot is a jacked Brontosaurus named “Swole Daddy” and he and his fun-loving dinosaur pals love to break-dance and stuff.

What kind of monster couldn’t enjoy that?

I’d like to encourage all of Cleveland to join us in supporting the Changwon Dinos, so that we can all at root for the same team.

Historically, they’re one of the worst teams in the league and they have zero championships, so that seems on brand for us.

As far as players to watch, Left-handed pitcher Chang-mo Koo is apparently a prolific strikeout artist and Catcher Eui-ji Yang was arguably the best position player in the league last year according to some guy online who said that.

If you want to check out the hot Dino action for yourself you can watch them live, this Saturday morning at 4am on ESPN2. Which is a terrible time of the day.

Of course, you could DVR it and watch it later, but that eliminates the whole point of getting to see live sports! If I’m gonna do that I’ll just watch an old Indians game from the 80’s with Pat Tabler and Brook Jacoby!

So I plan to livestream myself watching the Dinos take on the dreaded LG Twins this Saturday morning and if you’d like to join in, check back here on Saturday for a link to my livestream.

Look folks, we’ve all gotta do something while we wait for the Indians impending return.

So until then, “Let’s go Cleveland Dinos!”

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