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Groovin' goes flying on the water

Ready to get out of the house and back to a fun adventure?

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Ready to get out of the house and back to a fun adventure? Groovin' is! That's why Penny Lane and I cruised up the coast to the Carlsbad Lagoon and California Watersports to check out its new toy, the Fliteboard eFoil.  

These boards give you the sensation that you are flying over the water, carving through the lagoon or ocean like a snowboard in fresh powder. 

The Fliteboards are powered by an electric motor and are emission-free. The operator of the board controls the throttle with a Bluetooth remote called a Flite controller. The board can reach up to nearly 30 MPH on the open water with an 18-mile range. 

With a price tag just shy of $13,000 dollars, owning an eFoil Fliteboard is not for everyone. That's where the California Watersports at the Carlsbad Lagoon can help. It offers private eDoil lessons and with one-on-one (from a distance with the instructor on a jet ski and the student on the Fliteboard) instruction out on the water. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, it can be hard to find activities and adventure that can keep you safe and provide plenty of fun, but that is exactly what these Fliteboards do. Keeping your distance on the open waters of the lagoon is not a problem!

There is a slight learning curve when you first get on the board. Figuring out how to use the throttle properly and feeling comfortable standing up on the board takes a bit of time. I would say, however, in less than 30 minutes I was up on my board and foiling (when the mass comes out of the water). The tricky part is consistently staying on the board while foiling. 

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It goes without saying that these boards are a blast and perfect for anyone looking to take their water sport adventures up a notch. The sensation of hovering over the water provides hours of countless fun that is coupled with the challenge of staying balanced and pushing for more speed.

If you are looking for more information on the sport or to book a lesson at the Carlsbad Lagoon visit their website for Flite School.

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