SAN DIEGO — Jake and Penny Lane are at it again, returning to the sky for another episode of Groovin' with Garegnani. The only difference: this time is Jake will not be landing in his aircraft, but rather jumping out of it! 

The laid-back duo cruised out east to Jamul to check out the heart-pumping thrills of SkyDive San Diego. With no experience needed and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Jake saddled up with a licensed tandem instructor and made the plunge at an astonishing 13,000 feet.

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Free falling for nearly a minute at 120 mph provided all the adrenaline needed before making a complete backpedal when the parachute was deployed. The journey evolved from unrelenting action to immaculate views of Lower Otay Lake, downtown San Diego and Mexico. The calming glide down to earth lasted around five minutes and before you know it an electrifying voyage had come to an end - and Jake said he was ready to go again!  

Check out the full expedition and see if skydiving is for you!