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Out & About: Find some hidden gems in Hidden San Diego

Find new adventures and hidden gems in San Diego

ENCINITAS, Calif. — I know right now we're all looking for things to do– so I thought I'd help.

Do you think you know San Diego? Well, think again! I teamed up with Jessica from Hidden San Diego, to find some hidden gems!

Jessica is a native San Diegan, and it's basically her life's work to find you cool places to visit in America's Finest City.

Today, Jess took me to Encinitas to a couple of spots that will inspire you, while enjoying the outdoors.

Our first stop? The Butterfly Farm! It's a Non-Profit educational spot, meant to teach you about the importance of butterflies. For example, did you know there are 150 types of butterflies in San Diego? And that they can be pretty aggressive? and that they're great pollinators? Donations are encouraged at the Butterfly farm because everyone you see there is volunteering their time.

Next up– we checked out the Hippie Homes. It's basically a group of artists that live near one another– and have completely adorned their trailers.  

And finally, Dave's Rock Garden. Basically a few years back, Dave took a vacant lot filled with trash and started to create a garden. The community came together and helped Dave create a colorful masterpiece that anyone can enjoy. Feel free to decorate a rock and add to the collection, anytime! 

Jessica has been building her website for years! If you're looking for more things to do– basically anywhere around San Diego, check out her website or her book "Abandoned San Diego".


Tell us where you like to go Out & About in San Diego!