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Milkin' San Diego: Children's Nature Retreat

Jenny visited the Nature Retreat -- a 20-acre animal sanctuary in Alpine.

SAN DIEGO — I went to animal heaven! I visited the Nature Retreat... a 20-acre animal sanctuary in Alpine.

This is a safe haven to more than 120 animals from around the world, including Bison, camels and peacocks.

The sanctuary was started just more than 2 years ago by Agnes B. who just had a love for animals! She initially started the retreat to bring kids back to nature --but the sanctuary is open to everyone! She's been rescuing these animals... some who needed to be saved, others who were relinquished by their owners. 

Let me tell you, I saw first-hand her connection to these beautiful creatures. When she calls them by name, they come right to her. She's clearly created a strong bond where these animals feel safe and have the room to roam. She does not force them to do anything -- no tricks, just food and love.

The Children's Nature Retreat is open to more than just kids--you can get guided tours, host a birthday party--or even get an annual membership. It's a non-profit, so the money goes to protect and care for the animals.

You can also check out the Flow With Nature Retreat every 4th Saturday -- yoga, lunch, guided tour of the animals, etc.