SAN DIEGO — You know what day it is?! Taco Tuesday!

Our #UpWith8 viewer Bob Turner wrote me on Facebook saying I had to check out Raul's Shack in Encinitas!

It's a family owned spot---a little hole in the wall--that serves quick and simple food. There are only a few parking spots and a few places to sit, but that's part of the charm. No frills, but good food.

Bob said the taco spot is run by the sweetest lady--and he wasn't wrong! Emma comes to work daily to help feed the community. She took her love of cooking for her family--into feeding the locals!

Raul's Shack is celebrating 35 years in Encinitas this year! Go celebrate! I recommend the crispy chicken taco, and I've seen a lot of reviews praising the taquitos!