SAN DIEGO — So last week I ate an entire cake for my birthday. Apparently, as punishment...I had to workout. I went to check out The Row House in Hillcrest. It's only been open a few months. My first thought walking in..."wow, this place is clean!" But then I went inside for a workout, and got sweat all over the place (haha, sorry Hillcrest!) 

The studio is managed by Richard, who used to row competitively in college. So he knows a thing or two about rowing as a workout. Let me tell you...rowing is pretty intense. First of all, you definitely need the right technique. Back in the day, before I got schooled on the proper form for rowing, I was under the assumption that it was only a shoulder/arm workout. Trust me when I say...if you're rowing right, it's most definitely a full-body workout. Your legs and core are engaged the entire time, and most rowers get a good calf workout in as well. 

The Row House in Hillcrest is one location out of a few in San Diego. They offer a variety of classes, ranging from mostly rowing, to a combination of weight lifting and cardio. Either way, rowing can burn a lot of calories if you're doing it right...and every stroke counts!