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Out & About: Old Town Haunts

There are a lot of stories about this area being haunted.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — It's officially spook season! So I decided to meet up with my friend Jessica from Hidden San Diego. She knows all the scariest spots around our fine city. 

Today, we're focusing on Old Town Haunts. Watch...if you dare.

Our first stop is El Campo Santo Cemetery. What is truly disturbing is they built a road and stores across the street where the cemetery once was. If you look closely on the street and sidewalk you will still see the tiny gravesite markers for where the bodies are buried.

More information on the cemetery: https://hiddensandiego.net/things-to-do/places/el-campo-santo-cemetery

Then a few blocks down is Victorian Village where Jessica personally had a really strange experience photographing one of the homes that had been unlocked. The sun was almost down...she took about 20 back to back photos and a green orb showed up in all the shots moving around. CREEPY! There are a lot of stories about this area being haunted.

Read more: https://hiddensandiego.net/things-to-do/places/heritage-park

Then right above that, just a few minutes away is Presidio Park where the Pentagram is. There is also a memorial for the white deer that was killed in the 1970's. People say the deer still haunts the park

Presidio Park information: