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Feel More Confident With a Beautiful Smile

Get Your Smile Back With Same Day, Full Mouth Dental Implant Solutions. Sponsored by Advanced Dental Implant Center

SAN DIEGO — If you’ve struggled with a broken smile, you are not alone. If missing teeth have affected your self-confidence and the way you navigate each day, there is an exciting way to make a change and restore your smile in a single surgical visit with the doctors from Advanced Dental Implant Center of San Diego.

Dr. Sam Sauza is a man with San Diego roots. He grew up in Escondido where his parents were both dentists. Sauza and his team successfully give a fresh start to people who have had problems with their teeth.

“A lot of our patients have had broken teeth. They struggle eating or really smiling, been wearing loose, poor-fitting dentures for many years, bad breath, they’re in pain” said Sauza. “They’ve been told that they don’t have any other option other than to keep living in their condition. We take those patients and we give them a permanent solution, really we make them whole again utilizing dental implants.” 

With a special type of implants called zygomatic or pterygoid implants, they actually anchor up to the cheekbone. There is no bone grafting.  The doctors can place the implants and attach the teeth all in the same day, literally reversing 30 years of time in one morning. Advanced Dental Implant Center of San Diego sees the patients with the most severe amounts of bone loss.  Typical candidates for zygomatic implants include people who have been in dentures for a long time, people with gum disease and trauma, as well as people who have been missing teeth for some time.

“This allows us the ability to provide patients with the All In One procedure. It doesn’t require a ton of grafting, multiple surgeries, it’s all done in one visit,” said Sauza.

Advanced Dental Implant Center of San Diego utilizes a board certified medical anesthesiologist to ensure the safest, most effective experience.  They have an in-house surgery center, imaging and dental lab on site with technicians who help the doctors design the smile of their patients’ dreams.

“We live this. This is our reality. This is all we do – implants day in and day out. Really that’s what differentiates us,” said Sauza.

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