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Affordable, Quality Child Care Made Easy

How TOOTRiS is helping parents access resources, reinventing child care. Sponsored by TOOTRiS

It’s no secret that many parents struggled through this pandemic. A recent survey found that one in five parents reduced or changed their work hours to be at home with their kids this past year. Alessandra Lezama, Founder of TOOTRiS, joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share a groundbreaking resource to help working parents.

The pandemic revealed how child care is directly linked to our ability to stay financially solvent. As parents struggle to find safe options for child care, TOOTRiS, the first and only platform that connects parents with affordable access to quality child care in real time, can help. It empowers parents by connecting them to quality child care and supports them with opportunities for advancement. TOOTRiS is reinventing child care. Parents are able to visit online or download a free app on their phones. The platform connects parents with their 32,000 licensed providers and open programs with available enrollment. It’s so convenient. Parents can virtually tour, filter by search criteria, enroll and process payments easily.   

An estimated 60% of San Diego families can’t afford quality child care. TOOTRiS is empowering parents by helping them navigate and access potential resources, while also connecting them with providers who fit their specific needs and budgetary requirements.  Last month TOOTRiS was honored with the Moving San Diego Forward Award for their role in changing the child care landscape and positively impacting our community.

“A lot of parents don’t know that they even qualify for public subsidies. And those that do qualify, sometimes don’t know how to navigate the process of securing those subsidies,” said Lezama.  “We help parents not only understand what their resources are and whether they qualify or not, but we help them navigate through that process. For all those parents that don’t qualify for public subsidies,  TOOTRis also works with employers and different organizations to procure private subsidies.” 

Whether they were laid off or burdened by family responsibilities, women ended 2020 with 5.4 million fewer jobs. They were disproportionately impacted by COVID job loss. TOOTRiS is stepping up as a resource to support local women by promoting entrepreneurial opportunities for women with a passion for child care.

“TOOTRiS will help them with all the resources, help them navigate the licensing process,” said Lezama. “More importantly, once they have their program all set up, we will help them enroll the children so that they have maximum enrollment. And we will provide them with all the software tools for free at no cost to manage their program.”  To learn more about TOOTRiS and their anytime, anywhere, on-demand child care, download their app or log on to their website  www.tootris.com or call (855) 486-687

Sponsored by TOOTRiS