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Be a helping hand for our military families

Help feed San Diego's heroes. Sponsored by Feeding San Diego

SAN DIEGO — Military families and veterans make countless sacrifices for our country. Still many live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to keep food on the table. Feeding San Diego’s Chief Strategy Officer and Navy Veteran Bob Kamensky joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share ways you can step up to help feed our heroes this season.

“Believe it or not military families and veterans often struggle to afford basic living expenses in San Diego County,” said Kamensky. “San Diego is in one the highest cost of living adjustment localities in the United States.”

Some 160,000 active duty enlisted service members across the nation face food insecurity. That is where Feeding San Diego steps in and steps up to help.

The Feeding Heroes initiative works with local agencies and schools to provide food assistance to military families. Last year they moved more than three million meals.  And they could use your help, be it through financial contribution or volunteering to work on distribution and delivery. Making sure that our military families are fed and well is critical so that our service members can focus on their mission.

“While they’re deployed, they cannot be distracted from the mission that they’re performing, whether it’s a car breaking down, or in the case of hunger relief, not having enough at the end of the month to cover the table for food,” said Kamensky. “That’s because the consequences could be devastating.”

There are so many ways you can help end hunger in our community. By helping, you are not just providing food, but also a sense of relief and hope.  We can each make an impact and thank our heroes.


 Visit www.feedinsandiego.org or text FEEDSD to 243725

Every dollar donated helps provide two nutritious meals to military families in need.

Sponsored by:   Feeding San Diego

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