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Child care - no longer just a family issue

It’s a key to getting our economy back on track. Sponsored by TOOTRiS
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Child care challenges have dealt a devastating blow to working parents, but also to businesses nationwide. Companies are recognizing that child care is no longer just a family issue. Tim Keane, Dean of the USD School of Business, joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share why child care is also a key to getting our economy back on track.

“This is going to be a critical differentiator for us in the future,” said Keane. “Obviously for innovation, we need people who are available, who are present, who commit to their organizations and who contribute. Child care is one of the most important benefits we can deliver to our employees. They are our number one asset.”

In an effort to attract and retain top talent, some companies are offering child care as an extension to their benefit packages. Keane says organizations should place a high priority on their employees and innovative ways to provide support. Without showing this kind of support infrastructure, California could be at a competitive disadvantage in the future.

“This is a statement we can make in supporting them,” said Keane. “Once we make that statement, we demonstrate to employees that they are our most valuable asset. I think that statement alone motivates people to perform and overperform in some ways.”

TOOTRiS has helped the USD School of Business to incorporate child care services. The child care platform empowers working parents, connecting them to convenient and affordable quality child care on demand.  The platform enables parents to connect and transact quality child care services online. TOOTRiS does all of the quality vetting of child care providers, providing flexibility and peace of mind to parents.

TOOTRiS is a turn-key solution for employers that is simple to set up and requires no infrastructure.  It has helped employers like USD to hire and retain top talent, mitigating turn-over.

“It gives our employees the opportunity to, in real time, find a child care provider perhaps when they’ve had an unscheduled need,” said Keane. “TOOTRiS’ business model really fits with what our employees needed.”

If you are struggling to find child care near your home or office, learn more about TOOTRiS and their anytime, anywhere, on-demand quality child care, call 855-486-6874, download their app or log on to their website www.tootris.com.

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