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Diabetes: Understanding your risk

From your heart and sight to hearing, Why it’s important to know your numbers. Sponsored by Palomar Health

SAN DIEGO — Did you know that diabetes affects more than 37 million Americans? That’s more than 11% of the U.S. population.   If left unmanaged, diabetes can damage the heart, the kidneys, our sight. But over time, it can also lead to hearing loss.

Dr. David Illich, Chief Audiologist for Palomar Health, joins our Laura Cavanaugh to break down how serious diabetes is and the importance of understanding your risk.

“Diabetes significantly reduces the body’s resistance to infections,” said Illich. “Recurrent ear infections from uncontrolled diabetes is very common.”

The truth is that many people, one in five adults, are living with the disease and are unaware that they have diabetes or prediabetes.  Early warning signs include fatigue, thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision and balance problems.

Both the Centers for Disease Control and the American Diabetic Association recommend an eye exam after the initial diabetes diagnosis due to the prevalence of retinopathy. Since 2021, both the CDC and ADA now recommend a balance screening and hearing test within three months of initial diabetes diagnosis.

Untreated and unmanaged diabetes can lead to a host of severe complications, which is why it’s essential to monitor your blood levels and visit your physician.

For more information and to schedule a screening, visit www.palomarhealth.org

Sponsored by:  Palomar Health

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