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Employers offering child care as a benefit

Partnering with TOOTRiS, a turn-key solution for employers. Sponsored by TOOTRiS

The pandemic underscored the critical nature of child care in supporting our country’s 20 million working parents. One in four women became unemployed during the pandemic, not due to lack of jobs, but because of problems finding affordable and available child care.  Lilia Vergara, Director of Human Resources for Dr. Bronner’s, joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share how local businesses are stepping up to help their employees cope and succeed.

“We’re really listening to our parents,” said Vergara.  “A lot of times all they need is just a flex schedule to be able to meet their demands at home as well as the company’s needs.”

Dr. Bronner’s, a local business and one of the top-selling natural brand soaps in North America, partnered up with TOOTRiS to have a turn-key program for their employees that matches parents with licensed child care providers to suit each parent’s individual schedule and needs.

For working parents, child care is second only to healthcare as a benefit. Having a safe place for your children to thrive during work hours is a requirement for parents to be able to enter and stay in the workforce. TOOTRiS is a lifeline for working parents that provides peace of mind.  

“Consistently in our employee surveys we are hearing that child care is a top worry that a lot of our working parents are facing,” said Vergara.

For this reason, Dr. Bronner’s has stepped up their child assistance program. They are offering up to $7,500 a year to their employees so that working parents have affordable access to quality child care. The company has linked their program with TOOTRiS, which provides businesses with the access, tools and resources they need so that their employees can find safe, licensed, quality child care and can remain focused on work. By partnering with TOOTRiS, it is easy for parents to utilize the benefit, find a provider and pay for the services on a platform that is easy to use.

“They don’t have to worry about the billing or reimbursements,” added Vergara.

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