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Hope for those with hearing loss

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Now Available Without a Prescription. Sponsored by Lexie Hearing

SAN DIEGO — More than 37 million Americans are affected by hearing loss, but only a fraction of them get the help they need. The hefty price tags of hearing aids and exams have long been a barrier to some. But now a recent FDA ruling is providing hope and expanding access to millions of Americans. The FDA cleared the way for a new class of affordable hearing aids, ones that are available over-the-counter without a prescription.   

Brian Maguire, Senior Vice President of Lexie Hearing, joins our Laura Cavanaugh to break down what this important news means to consumers.

“It’s a really historic moment for hearing health care,” said Maguire. “One in five people who could benefit from wearing a hearing aid actually wears one. We aim to change this with over-the-counter hearing aids. And it will open up access for these folks and also affordable pricing as well.”

Historically folks with hearing loss would have to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. Prescription hearing aids cost upwards of $4,000.  Th higher cost of hearing aids, which are not covered by basic Medicare, has discouraged millions of Americans from buying the devices. But now consumers can purchase more affordable hearing aids at their favorite retailer or pharmacy, even online.

“With over-the-counter hearing aids, if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, you can go into a retailer or online to our website, order a pair, and in many cases in under an hour, we can get you back to better hearing so you can engage in the things that you love most,” said Maguire.

Studies have shown that untreated hearing loss is linked to isolation, increased falls, dementia and depression. There are immediate and long-term benefits in addressing better hearing.

You can assess your hearing and take a hearing test online for free in under three minutes for free at www.lexiehearing.com.

Sponsored by:   Lexie Hearing

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