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How to Support Seniors this Holiday Season

Tips to Bring More Joy, Laughter, Make Meaningful Connections. Sponsored by: Comfort Keepers

SAN DIEGO — The holidays are filled with celebrations and traditions. But for many seniors, who may be isolated or can’t participate with family like they used to, it can be a challenging time and can be a source of the blues.

Lifestyle Gerontologist Dr. Alexis Abramson joins our Laura Cavanaugh with tips on how to cope, connect and keep meaningful traditions alive this season.

Spending quality time with our aging loved ones, even if it’s a long distance situation, can mean so much to the senior in your life.

From sending personalized greeting cards and notes of encouragement to baking favorite recipes, even watching a holiday movie together over zoom, the most important thing you can do is to make the senior in your life feel loved and included.

“Also think about what are some of the quality conversations that we can have. What are some of the meaningful memories we can talk about,” said Abramson. “So maybe it’s sharing photos.”

This time of year is for gift-giving and celebrations, but for some seniors this yuletide season can also be triggering.

“We think of family tradition and celebration, but the reality is, it also equates to loss,” said Abramson. “It’s very critical that we reach out to people who may need us more.”

There are an estimated 125,000 isolated seniors in San Diego. For families looking for senior care or respite care during the holidays or in the new year, Comfort Keepers can be a wonderful solution to give families peace of mind.

Comfort Keepers is the leading in-home care provider, which means that they will come into the home for an aging loved one and they will help with errand running, transportation, meal prep and companionship.

Comfort Keepers empathetic caregivers provide uplifting in-home care and help seniors thrive safely.

Their motto is to elevate the human spirit.

“When they go into a home, there are three things they want to do. They want to bring more joy to the person. They want to bring more purpose to the environment and positivity,” said Abramson.

Whether you need a Comfort Keeper caregiver or you want to be one, for more information, visit www.comfortkeepers.com

Sponsored by: Comfort Keepers

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