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Importance of a Primary Care Physician

Disease Prevention, Can Lead to Longer, Healthier Lives. Sponsored by: Palomar Health

SAN DIEGO — Many of us go to the doctor when we’re sick. But regular checkups with a primary care physician are the foundation for good health. In fact, research has shown that consistent primary care can help patients lead longer, healthier lives.

Palomar Health Family Medicine Specialist Dr. Karen Muchowski joins our Laura Cavanaugh to talk about the importance and benefits of primary care.

Primary care physicians can help manage existing conditions, but they can also spot problems before they become serious. That’s why it’s so important to establish a relationship with a dedicated provider.

“Continuity is really important so we can see you over time and see the medical issues that you develop,” said Muchowski.

As we age, annual screenings are critical. For pediatric patients, doctors focus on vaccinations and screen to make sure children meet developmental milestones. In younger female patients, pap smears are recommended to help find and prevent cervical cancer.  In older female patients, mammograms can find breast cancer when it’s easier to treat. And for all patients over 45, it is recommended to do colon cancer screening.

“We used to recommend colon cancer screening at the age of 50, but recent data has shown that younger patients are dying from colon cancer. So the recommendation has now been changed to 45. All patients 45 and older should receive some type of colon cancer screening,” said Muchowski.

Primary care is the first step in almost any health care journey.

“If you have an urgent issue, an infection or back pain, we can help you with that,” said Muchowski. “We can also manage most of your medical issues – diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure.”

A dedicated provider can also help prevent disease with preventive health care.

“Taking time and making changes for your health often can take years sometimes,” said Muchowski. “I love being on that journey with patients and kind of helping them along the path to lead healthier lives.”

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Sponsored by:  Palomar Health

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