San Diego is at a critical tipping point. Polinsky Children’s Center, the County’s temporary emergency shelter, is currently housing a significant number of babies and toddlers in need of a home and foster family to care for them. Resource parent Leslie Childers joins our Laura Cavanaugh.  In the last two and a half years, Leslie and her family have given more than 20 foster children a soft place to land, taking in children with significant trauma and neglect.  While more than half of these children will ultimately return home or be reunified with a relative, Leslie and her daughter, Grace, say their role is to provide healing so that the youngsters know nothing but love, acceptance and peace. They talk about their journey welcoming foster children into their home, working as a family to support kids in crisis and the way this experience has personally enriched their family.

You can make a difference and ensure that a child has a better and brighter future.

To learn more about becoming a resource parent, call 1-877-792-KIDS or log on to Visit their Facbook at