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Keeping students safe online

Tips, tools to protects kids in a remote learning environment. Sponsored by Lightspeed Systems

With remote and hybrid learning still taking place for many students this year, can you be certain your kids are safe online? A recent survey by Lightspeed Systems found that

76% of parents of students who were engaging in distanced learning responded that they were worried about their children’s online safety. Cyber Safety Expert Rich Wistocki joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share insight and advice about online threats and how best to protect students. With over 30 years in law enforcement, the retired detective has arrested more than 300 internet predators. Wistocki shares the top three questions parents should be asking and simple tips to keep your kids safe.

Lightspeed Systems is a robust software filtering system that allows schools to filter, manage, protect and analyze any device so that when students are safe at home, they are also safe online. The comprehensive platform uses advanced AI in real time to monitor and analyze activity across the web for signs of cyberbullying, self-harm, suicide, predators and other inappropriate behaviors. When a potential threat is spotted, real-time alerts are sent to parents and designated personnel, including screenshots and important information to drive appropriate intervention. Lightspeed’s web filters won’t allow kids to intentionally or unintentionally access inappropriate content, including pornography.

Lightspeed is the nation’s leader in online safety software and has been a trusted partner with school systems for more than two decades, using web filtering and advanced technology across thousands of school districts around the country.  Call your school to make sure your child’s school-issued device is protected at home online.

For more information, visit www.lightspeedsystems.com

Sponsored by Lightspeed Systems