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Lifeline for working parents

TOOTRiS empowers parents to find quality child care. Sponsored by TOOTRis

So many parents have to work hard to make ends meet. In San Diego, an estimated 60% of families cannot afford quality child care.

Working mother Denise Cuellar joins our Laura Cavanaugh to talk about her struggle to find quality child care for her three young children and a new free service that has been a lifesaver for her family.

TOOTRiS is a free, on-demand platform and app that is making it easier to find the child care you need when you need it. It allows parents to search and vet child care programs, providing access to affordable, quality daycare, child care and preschool options, as well as before and after-school care. The platform provides digital access to set up an automatic payment. TOOTRiS lifts the burden and stress that many working parents face.

If you are struggling to find child care near your home or office, learn more about TOOTRiS and their anytime, anywhere, on-demand quality child care, download their app or log on to their website www.tootris.com

Sponsored by TOOTRiS