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Preparing for Unwanted Invaders

Tips to Defend Your Home from Winter Pests Sponsored by: Corky’s Pest Control

SAN DIEGO — During winter months, when cooler weather hits San Diego, residents may not see as many pests. But often times those nasty critters are hunkering down seeking shelter inside your home.

Did you know that winter is the best time to start attacking those unwanted invaders so you can curb the damage they pose when they awake in spring?

Thankfully pest control expert Fran Bautista, President of Corky’s Pest Control, joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share what you need to watch out for and the necessary steps to defend your home.

This time of year rodents are most prevalent in San Diego County. But with all the traveling we do for the holidays, Corky’s is getting more and more calls to address the issue of bed bugs.

Pests are more than just a nuisance. They can cause serious property damage and post health and safety risks.

Corky’s Pest Control stands out in the industry as an innovative leader by using the best products and technology to be proactive in taking care of the pest problem.

Their professionally trained and licensed technicians have been serving Southern California for the last 56 years.

Call today for a fast, convenient inspection.


Sponsored by: Corky’s Pest Control

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