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Dishing must-try recipes with “Prince of Flavortown” Hunter Fieri

Delicious plant-based meals with ZENB. Sponsored by ZENB

SAN DIEGO — If you are looking to eat healthier and add more plant-based options into mealtime, we have got you covered.  Hunter Fieri, also known as “The Prince of Flavortown,” joins our Laura Cavanaugh to cook up tasty classic dishes and comfort foods with a healthy twist.  Fieri, who is the son of Food Network star Guy Fieri, may have inherited a passion for cooking, but he also learned a love for healthy eating from his grandparents and aunt.

For Fieri, incorporating plant-based goodness is as easy as using ZENB, a yellow pea plant based pasta, in his dishes. ZENB is gluten-free, packed with protein and fiber, and can give your meals the comforting pasta flavor in half the time.

Boost your game in the kitchen with Fieri’s elevated Mac and Cheese using ZENB Pasta Agile, shrimp and Calabrian chile.

“It’s amazing. You can cook it in under three minutes and you don’t have to boil water,” said Fieri.

The smallest changes in your daily meals and routines can have a significant impact on your body and our planet.

For more recipes, including Hunter’s recipe for Cajun Chicken Pasta with Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce,  visit www.zenb.com/hunter

Sponsored by: ZENB