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Reclaim your health, live a more vibrant life

Start your vibrant wellness journey today

After a year of quarantine, distance learning and stress from the pandemic, we all could use a boost to jump-start our self-care journey.  Dr. Stacie Stephenson has just the right self-care prescription for all of us feeling energy-depleted, sleep-challenged and low on motivation.  

In Dr. Stephenson’s new book, VIBRANT, she gives readers powerful tools to transform their energy, weight, fitness and general wellness with science-backed information to build better habits and make small changes.  She joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share her groundbreaking self-care program to get your health on track and help you live a more vibrant life.

Find out how you can make a change – three months, nine habits, one more vibrant life.  You can find your copy of Vibrant at on www.amazon.com or at www.vibrantdoc.com 

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