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Restore Your Hope, Confidence and Smile Again

Zygomatic Dental Implants for Patients with Low Bone Density Sponsored by: Advanced Dental Implant Center

SAN DIEGO — As we age, missing teeth become more of a reality. For dental implant patients who were once turned away or relegated to a life of dentures due to their lack of bone health, they now have new hope to get their smile back, all in one day, at Advanced Dental Implant Center of San Diego.

Dr. Dan Holtzclaw is one of the world’s leading clinicians in full mouth dental implants. He often treats patients who have been turned away by other dentists due to lack of bone density or those who have had complications or failing implants from other dentists. Holtzclaw wrote textbooks on zygomatic and pterygoid implants. The textbooks capture the complexity of the cases that Dr. Holtzclaw can treat.

“What we do is basically the end of the line treatment when people have been told there’s no other things that can be done for them. They have so much bone loss that there’s no hope left. With these special type of implants called zygomatic or pterygoid implants, they actually anchor up to the cheekbone,” said Holtzclaw. “We don’t have to do any bone graft. We can place the implants and attach the teeth all in the same day, literally reverse 30 years of time in one morning.”

Advanced Dental Implant Center of San Diego sees the patients with the most severe amounts of bone loss. Dr. Holtzclaw teaches the procedure all over the world.

“There’s just not very many people that do this type of procedure because it is a more highly technical procedure,” said Holtzclaw. “We’ve had people come from 30 different countries. They’re looking for hope. They’re looking for someone that can give them their life back. And these special type of implants allow us to do that.”

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Sponsored by: Advanced Dental Implant Center

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