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San Diego Social Media Sensation Sticks by Teachers | How You Can Build Your Own First Aid Kit & Support Student Classrooms

Teachers often spend their own money furnishing their classrooms with school supplies, even first aid essentials. Sponsored by: Band-Aid

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego history teacher, who is also a TikTok sensation with more than 2 million followers, is dancing his way into the hearts of students, teachers and parents around the country.

Kevin McClintock, also known as Mr. McTikTok, joins our Laura Cavanaugh to talk about why he is teaming up with Band-Aid and nonprofit DonorsChoose to support the “Stick By Teachers” program. The campaign is helping provide teachers and students with the care they deserve.

Did you know that many teachers are struggling to get access to the resources they need to fully operate their classrooms? They often spend their own money furnishing their classrooms with school supplies, even first aid essentials.  Nine out of every 10 teachers will spend at least $500 out of pocket for supplies that they need or supplies a student doesn’t have.

As a brand rooted in care, Band-Aid has partnered with DonorsChoose. They’ve donated $25,000 to fund teacher’s projects in equity-focused schools. They’ve also helped supply more than 80 teacher classrooms with health, sports and wellness essentials.

“Band-Aid brand came up with a great way that you can build your own first aid kid. And through that, with DonorsChoose, they’re going to help out teachers,” said McClintock.

Check out some of the latest must-have products to add to your first aid kit, including Band-Aid Water Block Flex bandages that are 100% waterproof.  Because classrooms are so diverse, Band-Aid OurTone bandages come in a wide range of tones to match your skin complexion. Don’t forget NeoSporin and antiseptic cleanser that address the five areas of wound healing, including protecting against infection, minimizing scars and maximizing pain relief.

To learn how to get involved with Band-Aid Brand’s Stick By Teachers campaign, head over to www.band-aid.com/donorschoose

Head over to Target to create your own Band-Aid Brand Build Your Own First Aid Kit for yourself and for a teacher in your life.

You can also visit target.com or your local Target to fill your kit with trusted products.

Sponsored by: Band-Aid

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