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Need a Break on Your Energy Bill?

SDG&E Is Helping You Save Money on Your Monthly Bill. Sponsored by SDG&E

SAN DIEGO — With the cost of rent and groceries on the rise, this year many San Diegans are finding it even more difficult to make ends meet. If you’re struggling to pay your energy bill, help could be on the way. San Diego Gas & Electric’s Candace Hadley joins our Laura Cavanaugh to explain how SDG&E is stepping up to help customers in need save money.

SDG&E has many programs and services that can help customers manage their energy bills and support their energy needs, from debt forgiveness to flexible payment programs. One of the most popular programs is the CARE program. Eligible customers can save up to 30% or more on their energy bill every month. For example, if your average bill is $150 a month, then you could save $540 a year.

Eligibility is based on current household income and the number of people living in your home. Another way to be eligible is if you are already participating in specific public assistance programs, like WIC, CalFresh and SNAP. You may already qualify. Those who recently lost their job, even if they are receiving unemployment benefits, may also be eligible.

“Maybe in the past you didn’t qualify. I have good news. Our income qualifications have changed. Maybe you lost your job, you have a change in wages, maybe you’re taking care of someone in your home and growing your household, this is a really great time to see if you’re eligible,” said Hadley. “So we want to encourage people to take advantage and apply today.”

Making small changes in your home can also make it more efficient and help you save on your monthly energy bill. If you qualify for CARE, customers can also qualify for the energy saving assistance program for no-cost or low-cost energy-saving home upgrades.

The application process is quick, easy and confidential.  Find out if you qualify for discounts on your monthly energy bill.

Visit sdge.com/assistance or  call 1-800-411-7343



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